Tokio Hotel Moving – Goodbye Germany, hallo America!

NEWS; Tokio Hotel Moving - Goodbye Germany, hallo America!

Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Germany’s most succesfull international rockband “Tokio Hotel” are leaving Germany and are moving to the USA.

As Bild found out, the famous twins will be moving to Los Angeles in the Fall already.
Together with their manager and producer David Jost, who has been living in Beverly Hills for over a year now, they want to write new songs.

David Jost verified to Bild: yes, Bill and Tom will move to Los Angeles for starters, but they will still keep their home in Germany. the move to L.A is planned for mid-November.

Their bandcollegues Georg, and Gustav, want to stay in germany because they have steady girlfriends there.

Friends on the band have said that besides the planned work in the Soundstudio in LA the constant pursuit of by the stalkergangs and the break-in into their home in Hamburg are more grounds to move to the USA.

It won’t get quiet for the twins in Los Angeles.
The collection of stars is nowhere bigger than in Hollywood,Bill and Tom have also been hunted by paparazzis in Los Angeles.

They have sold more than 8 million cd’s so far with their new DVD and their live album, Humanoid City, they have reached the 1st place in over 15 countries worldwide.

In Germany, Brasil, Mexico, columbia, France and Switzerland this year.
In Italy , Portugal and Belguim they reached place


Acerca de Tokio Hotel Guatemala

Just a another big fan of Tokio Hotel. I'm from Guatemala City and I'm 20 years old! Open to any friendship! a friend you can trust! De GUATE!!! tengo 20 años!! y Tokio Hotel no son nada mas mi banda favorita.. son mi vida!!! asi que todos estan invitados!!! ARRIBA TOKIO HOTEL!!! TOKIO HOTEL FÜR IMMER!
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