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Famous because
They are the founders of the most acclaimed German band of the last decades and the forbidden dream for teenagers all over the world.

Personal style
“We have very different and well-defined personalities, and this is clear from our looks, too,” says Bill: he has an unmistakable androgynous style, influenced by glam and goth aesthetics, while Tom focuses on being comfortable and wears oversized, rapper-style clothes. (L’Uomo Vogue, October 2010)

They expressed their talent for music at an early age: Tom started playing the guitar at 7 and Bill was a contestant in the talent show Star Search at 13. Several albums (from Schrei, released in 2005, to Humanoid in 2009), a prominent number of international awards and the undisputed status of icons in the teenage imagery, are only some of their achievements so far.

In public
They don’t have a stylist and have always personally chosen their looks. Bill, the frontman, is the one who wears the most outrageous stage outfits: he is a fashion lover, he has designed and customised his own clothes since he was a kid. His style is constantly evolving: he left jeans and t-shirt behind and has opted for more refined clothes (blazers, leather jackets, unique pants and chic aviator-style jumpsuits). The glam android costumes he has recently wore at the Welcome to Humanoid City tour were designed by Dsquared²’s Dean and Dan Caten.

In private
Bill leaves his over-the-top style aside: he spends his free time wearing a tracksuit and no make-up. Tom stays true to his hip-hop style.

Bill wears boots or combat boots, while Tom always wears sneakers, which he collects.

They both have dark blonde hair and dye it black. Bill likes experimenting with his haircut and style: the infamous spiky hairstyle and the punk mohawk drew the attention of the media, but he has recently opted for a shorter cut, with a vaguely Fifties styling. Tom has cornrows.

Bill often wears necklaces – basic silver chains or complicated multistrand pieces, embellished with spikes or rhinestones.

Style icons
Karl Lagerfeld, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, David Bowie.

Favorite item of clothing
Bill loves jackets; Tom cannot part with his baggy pants.

Favorite designers
Karl Lagerfeld, Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme, Rick Owens.

Favorite city
Tokyo (hence the name of the band).

Favorite music
Bill listens to pop-rock music (Stereophonics, Coldplay, Kings of Leon), Tom prefers listening to hip-hop (the German rapper Samy Deluxe is one of his favorite artists).

Favorite food
They are vegetarians. They love pasta and pizza.

Favorite movies
Among Bill’s favorite movies, The Notebook by Nick Cassavetes, The Twilight saga (he has a passion for vampire movies), Labyrinth by Jim Henson and The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. Tom likes The Fifth Element by Luc Besson and Meet Joe Black by Martin Brest.

Favorite tv series
Prison Break and Nip/Tuck for Bill, The King of Queens for Tom.

Bill’s motto is “Whatever happens, believe in you, believe in life, believe in tomorrow. Believe in everything you do, every time” (a sentence he says during his live performances). Tom’s motto is the down-to-earth “Carpe diem”.

Good habits
They sleep a lot, when they can, and relax by playing with their dogs.

Bad habits
Bill is a control freak, while Tom is lazy.

They love
Bill loves body piercings and tattoos (he has four), while Tom has a passion for graffiti.

They hate

We like them because
They have redefined the idea of boy band thanks to their talent and have imposed their personal style with perseverance, in spite of criticism.

Source : Vogue



Acerca de Tokio Hotel Guatemala

Just a another big fan of Tokio Hotel. I'm from Guatemala City and I'm 20 years old! Open to any friendship! a friend you can trust! De GUATE!!! tengo 20 años!! y Tokio Hotel no son nada mas mi banda favorita.. son mi vida!!! asi que todos estan invitados!!! ARRIBA TOKIO HOTEL!!! TOKIO HOTEL FÜR IMMER!
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